Logo & Rollup Banner

Access LFi's official logo and roll-up banner for presentations and promotions.

The logo of LFi, including all of its brand assets, can be downloaded from this page. Read the guidelines below to know the dos and don'ts of using LFi's assets.

Here are the copyrighted materials that you will find on this page:

  • LFi name

  • LFi logo

  • Visual assets such as 3D models, images, illustrations, and videos produced by LFi.


Use the brand assets of LFi when:

☑️ You are pertaining to the products and services of the LFi ecosystem

☑️ You are linking to the official websites of LFi's products and services

☑️ You are advertising a verified official partnership with LFi


Our brand's authenticity matters. We protect its legitimacy to help users identify which products, services, and advertisements are official. Here's how to NOT use our brand assets:

Using LFi's brand assets in your own products

Using the LFi logo on your website, marketing materials, and the like

Making up derivative names like "LFinance" or "L-Coin"

When creating your own brand, let your creativity, authenticity, and uniqueness prevail to avoid spreading false information. LFi denounces people who share misleading content online or offline.

We hope that the guidelines are clear. Should you have further questions, send an email to info@lfi.io.

Rollup Banners

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