From the Team

From the Team

We are thrilled to introduce you to L-Finance, the ecosystem exclusive for decentralized products. L-Finance will embrace a large community of people focused on decentralized money management, and collaborating with DeFi partners as well. With this evolution comes the decentralized token LFi, to level up services of minting, and launchpad, making the most from your cryptocurrencies. All documentation on L-Finance and its native token will be shared here. A white paper will also be delivered.
Welcome to L-Finance Ecosystem!

Plan Introduction

LYOPAY’s operations started in 2020, and, from the beginning, we have been working to create a compliant services ecosystem. As announced at our July event, LYOPAY has worked on introducing new tokens, developing products for the decentralized market, and developing our blockchain.
Before explaining how we will evolve in phase 3.0 of the project, we should explain why we take these actions.
Cryptocurrencies were born in 2008 to create decentralized money. Interest in them grew when the first centralized platforms (called exchanges) appeared. These allowed people to trade crypto. For the first few years, these platforms were unregulated, and regulators paid no attention to the size of the market.
After the bull run of 2017, regulators began to consider creating regulation for the cryptocurrency market by defining the market category and creating licenses for exchanges and financial operators. There were no centralized exchanges, but, at that time, decentralized applications (dApp) and Web 3.0 began to develop.
Today, in 2022, the direction of the regulators is very clear: they want a complete legal framework for the crypto world. LYOPAY wants to continue building its ecosystem following the indications of the regulators. Because of this, we have decided to create different tokens for our ecosystem.

What are the updates for our project to introduce a DeFi ecosystem, and how will the community benefit from it?

LYOPAY CeFi Ecosystem

LYO Credit (LYO) Token
Benefits for LYO Credit community and its project:
  • Burning the part of the tokens dedicated to minting and supply decrease
  • Simplification for legal auditing for listing on the stock market in 2025
  • Facilitation for the ISO 22301: 2019 certification process
  • Guarantee the listing on Tier 1 exchanges.

L-Finance DeFi Ecosystem

LFi Token
Benefits for LFi community and its project:
  • Enter the market with 8 billion volumes per day
  • Become a major DeFi within 36 months
  • Develop one of the most complete multichain on the market
  • Becoming L-CHAIN ​​validators.

LFi Token Launch

LFi Public Sale: 1 October - 31 December
Token price: USD 1
Trading pair: LFi / LYO
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